Hey there, I am Divya Sharma. I am 22 years old and still studying at a University. Besides It, I am doing a part-time job at daytime and running this site at night.

Honestly, I like my nickname “Divya”. It’s meaning Divine or Divine Luster or Heavenly or Brilliant or Extraordinary, But I am not an extraordinary soul actually, just a human who loves sexy stuff so much.

I was born in a city named “Kolkata”. Its located in West Bengal, India. I spend my whole childhood there and complete school life. When I was 17 years old I left my town with my family and currently living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. In this way, you can call me “A Bengali”.

Here, I come to the main point, why I created this website and posting tons of celebs naked pics daily? The answer is so easy, I have an interest in it. Every Sunday, when I get my free time, I watch all types of Indian movies. No matter, it’s Tamil, Telugu or Bollywood movies, I enjoy them all. I think people love to watch Indian celebs naked pics and videos too because they are so sexy.

This is how I am helping people to give a flight of their naughty Imaginations. And now you know, why I named my site name”” It means we are the people who love to do Fap( masturbation). I am enough naughty too and I love handsome actors.

Ohh, wait for a minute! I forgot to say that I also do live sex chat ( not free :P) If you want to see me naked in your cam, search my name at Chaturbate. I perform every Sunday night. I am surviving like this. It’s a costly city.
Anyway, Thanks for your interest in me. Again thanks for your kind support. Have a nice day!